Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Elvii at the Mall

Last weekend I coerced my friends Renee and Scott into going to the Contest of Kings at the Mall. You guys all know I have a thing for Elvis, right? lol


And yes, I took a bunch of pictures (click on the link under the picture to see them all!). They didn't turn out that great becuase we were too far away and the lighting was bad and stuff, but I put them online anyway.

And I got some Elvis on video too! :)
Mike Calamusa singing How Great Thou Art
Allen Robuck singing Suspicios Minds

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Anonymous said...

I look like I had a cocktail or 2, LOL--and we were completely sober. It was indeed fun, and I love the videos. I should have waited to do the scrapbooking--but maybe we can have more Elvis scrapbook pages?