Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally - spring weather!

We had really nice weather last night for my weekly walk with my friends Erin and Tucker. We've been going for a walk almost every week for about a year. It's nice - we get some exercise and chat and often eat dinner together. (Well, I should say "...and Erin often makes me dinner!" :) ) I think all three of us have been getting tired of walking inside since that means we go to a mall (or Ikea!) and spend money and eat fast food. Kind of goes against the whole point of going for a walk!

Anyway, we went to Como park and walked around the lake. There were a lot of people out walking yesterday. I think we're all tired of cold, wet and SNOWY weather. So we walked, I took a few (bad, boring) pictures for this community ed photography class I'm taking, and we played on the grass for a little bit. And then we went to Target and made pizza. It was a nice evening.

Tucker jumps!

Tucker plays his "guitar".

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Anonymous said...

I like the pic with the make believe guitar--cute!