Monday, April 30, 2007

had a hot date friday night... with my nephew.

I spent Friday evening with Dan & Sara and Sam. I didn't actually take any pictures of Sam (I forgot, ok? next time, I promise!) but he's awfully cute. He's getting big so fast. He's gotten good at controlling his hands now and he likes to grab things(including glasses!). He also likes to clap his hands. He seems to think that's pretty exciting and it makes him smile. He's still pretty wiggly. He's always kicking his legs or patting something with his hands. If you hold out your hand palm up he'll pat it. I kept saying "Give me five!" and holding out my hand. We're halfway there - he's got the action down, we just need to get him to connect the action to the words. lol He's pretty good at sitting by himself now too - except when he gets excited he starts kicking his legs and tips over. And he still likes to jump and be tossed in the air. He watches everything - he kept looking at me, just looking. Probably thinking "who's that weirdo?" I can't wait until he actually recognizes us. He's a fun baby - he's always pretty calm and happy, he smiles easily, and in general he only ever cries when he's hungry or needs a change. He sure knows what he wants though - if you interrupt his dinner to switch him from cereal to the bottle or to burp him he starts shrieking. "I'm not done yet!" He's a good eater too (which may explain why he seems to double in size every time I see him - he's eating cereal and some fruits and veggies now. And he seems to love it.)

Anyway... I had a nice time Friday night playing with Sam, checking out thier new ping pong table and laughing about The Office (they missed the best part Thursday night - when Dwight dressed up as Jim at the end. very funny.) Dan and Sara always seem to be willing to let me take goofy pictures of them.

I took more pictures of Spike this weekend too. (I take so many Spike pictures it's not even funny!) I got Spike doing the face!

The plant is gone!

Remember how I was talking about the plant at work last week? Well, on Friday there was more plant drama. The plant guy showed up and he was not happy about the rouge plant waterer. There was some heated discussion (including threats of litigation!), some foot stomping, a little swearing (!) and after all that - some plant removal. I find this totally hilarious.

It feels kind of empty here now though.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I really need to do laundry

These socks were the closest thing I could find that matched both my shoes and my purple shirt. (and no, I didn't have my jeans rolled up like that all day. I did that especially for you.)

Do you see who's watching me from inside the window? I haven't been home much lately and I think Spike's been lonely.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Zoo photos

I went to the zoo with my community ed photography class this weekend. We were talking about depth of field and all kinds of technical things that I'm not too concerned with. As some of you may have noticed, I'm not really an artsy-type photographer. I like to take pictures of things like boys with snakes (fake) and toads (real), my friends being goofy, my cat, and, of course, the food at Ikea. I've been trying the things we've been talking about in the class though. So at the zoo I took a bunch of pictures like these: (I have to point out that I don't really like how these are cropped - I made them all fit into 4X6's for printing.)

But I had more fun taking pictures like these:

If you're wondering, the wolf is shaking water out of his fur. But I like it because he looks like he's enjoying himself. I did get the depth of field right on the goose picture though, and that's a technical-type thing (blurry foreground, blurry background and in focus subject). Hopefully some of this stuff will stick and I'll start taking technically-good pictures of strange and goofy things. :)

And in case anyone's interested: today's lunch walk and a picture from today's lunch walk. too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm not surprised by this anymore. I'm just curious.

Sometimes I'm just baffled by the people I work with. Today I noticed something was odd about this plant. Do you see it?

It's a post-it note stuck to the plant. Why? I'm sure someone had a good reason for it. (Also take note of the lovely generic office decor - a bland painting and a recycling container.)

I'm just wondering now if they're going to put a new post-it on the plant every time they water it. Pretty soon it will be covered in pale yellow notes fluttering in the draft from the air conditioning. That might actually be pretty interesting.

Last night's sunset over the Target parking lot.

Finally - spring weather!

We had really nice weather last night for my weekly walk with my friends Erin and Tucker. We've been going for a walk almost every week for about a year. It's nice - we get some exercise and chat and often eat dinner together. (Well, I should say "...and Erin often makes me dinner!" :) ) I think all three of us have been getting tired of walking inside since that means we go to a mall (or Ikea!) and spend money and eat fast food. Kind of goes against the whole point of going for a walk!

Anyway, we went to Como park and walked around the lake. There were a lot of people out walking yesterday. I think we're all tired of cold, wet and SNOWY weather. So we walked, I took a few (bad, boring) pictures for this community ed photography class I'm taking, and we played on the grass for a little bit. And then we went to Target and made pizza. It was a nice evening.

Tucker jumps!

Tucker plays his "guitar".

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend 2007

We had Easter at my parents' house on Saturday. It was nice because we had extra company - my cousin Kathy was here with her family.

Annie & Sam

Nate, Viv, Dave, Kathy & Annie

Pink Sweater

I finished the pink sweater I've been working on. It's the short sleeve cardigan from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007. It looks lopsided and and weird, but it's not blocked yet, that's all. I swear! I didn't have anything to wear under it, so I brought out Elvis again. (I promise, I have clothes that don't have a picture of Elvis from the '68 Comeback Special. It's just that I like these t-shirts so much. Besides - when in doubt - Elvis.)

I don't know why, but I just like pictures of myself like that. lol

The whole time I was taking pictures Spike was going nuts rubbing himself against my legs and headbutting me trying to get some attention. He's so needy. The way he acts you'd think I never pay any attention to him.

A few weeks ago I was on a crocheted washcloth thing. Does anyone want one? I have a bunch! :)


I know there's someone out there who wants to see my new shoes. It's just taken me a while to get them up here. Actually, it's been so long I'm not sure the qualify as new anymore. ;)

Prirate shoes!
(It said so on the box!


There's a whole story behind these shoes,
but it's not interesting. So I'm not telling it.

A bonus pair of shoes!

Monday, April 09, 2007

I added a few new Spike pictures. I couldn't resist trying to capture how goofy he gets when I try to put new sheets on the bed. He wasn't cooperating though. He seemed a little put out and gave himself a bath instead.

From Spike

From Spike

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Elvii at the Mall

Last weekend I coerced my friends Renee and Scott into going to the Contest of Kings at the Mall. You guys all know I have a thing for Elvis, right? lol


And yes, I took a bunch of pictures (click on the link under the picture to see them all!). They didn't turn out that great becuase we were too far away and the lighting was bad and stuff, but I put them online anyway.

And I got some Elvis on video too! :)
Mike Calamusa singing How Great Thou Art
Allen Robuck singing Suspicios Minds