Monday, April 30, 2007

had a hot date friday night... with my nephew.

I spent Friday evening with Dan & Sara and Sam. I didn't actually take any pictures of Sam (I forgot, ok? next time, I promise!) but he's awfully cute. He's getting big so fast. He's gotten good at controlling his hands now and he likes to grab things(including glasses!). He also likes to clap his hands. He seems to think that's pretty exciting and it makes him smile. He's still pretty wiggly. He's always kicking his legs or patting something with his hands. If you hold out your hand palm up he'll pat it. I kept saying "Give me five!" and holding out my hand. We're halfway there - he's got the action down, we just need to get him to connect the action to the words. lol He's pretty good at sitting by himself now too - except when he gets excited he starts kicking his legs and tips over. And he still likes to jump and be tossed in the air. He watches everything - he kept looking at me, just looking. Probably thinking "who's that weirdo?" I can't wait until he actually recognizes us. He's a fun baby - he's always pretty calm and happy, he smiles easily, and in general he only ever cries when he's hungry or needs a change. He sure knows what he wants though - if you interrupt his dinner to switch him from cereal to the bottle or to burp him he starts shrieking. "I'm not done yet!" He's a good eater too (which may explain why he seems to double in size every time I see him - he's eating cereal and some fruits and veggies now. And he seems to love it.)

Anyway... I had a nice time Friday night playing with Sam, checking out thier new ping pong table and laughing about The Office (they missed the best part Thursday night - when Dwight dressed up as Jim at the end. very funny.) Dan and Sara always seem to be willing to let me take goofy pictures of them.

I took more pictures of Spike this weekend too. (I take so many Spike pictures it's not even funny!) I got Spike doing the face!

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