Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Zoo photos

I went to the zoo with my community ed photography class this weekend. We were talking about depth of field and all kinds of technical things that I'm not too concerned with. As some of you may have noticed, I'm not really an artsy-type photographer. I like to take pictures of things like boys with snakes (fake) and toads (real), my friends being goofy, my cat, and, of course, the food at Ikea. I've been trying the things we've been talking about in the class though. So at the zoo I took a bunch of pictures like these: (I have to point out that I don't really like how these are cropped - I made them all fit into 4X6's for printing.)

But I had more fun taking pictures like these:

If you're wondering, the wolf is shaking water out of his fur. But I like it because he looks like he's enjoying himself. I did get the depth of field right on the goose picture though, and that's a technical-type thing (blurry foreground, blurry background and in focus subject). Hopefully some of this stuff will stick and I'll start taking technically-good pictures of strange and goofy things. :)

And in case anyone's interested: today's lunch walk and a picture from today's lunch walk. too.

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Anonymous said...

Did I get the depth of my onions done correctly?

I like your pics--both goofy and not. I think the goose pic is awesome. I wish I could be taking that class with you!