Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm not surprised by this anymore. I'm just curious.

Sometimes I'm just baffled by the people I work with. Today I noticed something was odd about this plant. Do you see it?

It's a post-it note stuck to the plant. Why? I'm sure someone had a good reason for it. (Also take note of the lovely generic office decor - a bland painting and a recycling container.)

I'm just wondering now if they're going to put a new post-it on the plant every time they water it. Pretty soon it will be covered in pale yellow notes fluttering in the draft from the air conditioning. That might actually be pretty interesting.

Last night's sunset over the Target parking lot.


Anonymous said...

A post it note on a watered plant, that's funny. I think I'm gonna start putting post its on Raisinpie once she's been fed and watered. I dig the decor too--looks like Ikea wasn't considered.

Nacho Madsen the Mexican wrestler said...

Hello Beth...and Hi Renee..Thanks Beth for the plant update.