Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So did anyone notice...

That I didn't actually do a spell check yesterday? (ha! too late - I already fixed it! lol)

Also that I seemed to have messed up something here and now my blog displays funny with the left column way down on the bottom? And I don't know why. :P

Does anyone read this anyway? I'm curious. Because if no one else reads this I'm going to start using it to record stuff I want to keep in my calendar but I don't have room for. Like the fact that today is the 7th day in a row that I remembered to take my vitamin! yay me!

Part of my job lately at work has been to test some software. The program is Rational ClearQuest, which, if I understand it right, is a part of a larger suite of products sold by IBM. One of the problems I found in the program was that the Help button/menu doesn't work. You click on it and you get an error message. That's it - no help. I asked if someone could fix it and the programmer told me "There is no help with this program. That's the way the Rational people designed it." uh huh. Then why is there a button on the toolbar that says "Help" on it? I'm so not buying this.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why yes, that is Elvis

You've got some sharp eyes, OPRTLC! (I have to keep calling you that. ;)

That is Elvis on my fridge. That's one of my favorite Elvises actually. My favorite Elvis t-shirt has the exact same photo on it. It's from the 1968 Comeback Special (it was broadcast live on my birthday eight years before I was born!).

The magnet was a gift, brought back from Los Vegas by one of the guys from BB. It may or may not have been meant as kind of an apology. I was wearing the matching t-shirt the night he night he may or may not have done something he may or may not have felt he had to apologize for. He also did plastic dinosaur theater for me one night at work when I was having a really horrible day.

The t-shirt I got in the gift shop at the
Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee, on spring break in 1993. It was on sale. (I definitely did not buy the souvenir Conway Twitty decorative plate in the gift shop down the road. It was brown with a cheesy "There's no one like Mother!" type quote in pink lettering and had a large picture of Conway Twitty in the middle. I'm not kidding. (Yes, sometimes I wish I could purge all this crap from my head and use the space for more important information. I'd like to remember that garbage pick up is Tuesday mornings.))

The picture it's holding up is a cat food ad I thought was funny. It's a kitten attacking a zebra. I like to think that's what Spike spends his day dreaming about. Think big, Spike, think big!

Friday, April 21, 2006

This is just too perfect!

I was reading blogs today at lunch and stumbled across this on someone else's blog:

One thing I am learning when working on this blog-is that the spell checker may check spelling but it doesn't check for grammer.
She might want to actually use that spell checker.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Gnomes, polkas and a glowing dino

It must be spring - the gnomes are out. and isn't he cute?

Spike and I went out too. We checked out last year's plants...

... stalked the neighbor's kid...

... and did a little necessary spring hair removal.

On the way home from work tonight I listened to my friends' polka band, Twin Cities Soundz. I liked the music, but it's hard to sing along to the Polish parts when you don't actually know any Polish. ;)

I just mailed a postcard to Poland too! Check it out -

I was going to take some pictures of my family on Easter but my battery died! I did get a picture of this, though:

I was laying there in bed in my parents' basement and I noticed the glow-in-the-dark Tyrannosaurus Rex was still on the ceiling. I just had to take a picture. I stuck that dino there almost exactly 11 years ago. I was always surprised that my brother didn't take it down - he must have noticed it since I stuck it right above his head. It made me smile to see it was still there.

He needs to be dusted though. obviously.

I fell asleep that night singing a song we learned in Mrs. Oberg's 1st grade dinosaur unit. "Tyrannosaurus Rex was a very mean king, if it wasn't for him there'd be a happy ending!" (or at least that's how I remember it. It was a long time ago.)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I had mail today...

...and it wasn't bills!

That's 2 chocolate bars, 2 of my favorite kind of soap, 5 lipbalm/glosses, and 9 (9!) rolls of grapefruit mentos. (yes, there were two chocolate bars in the box and there's only one in the picture. but the ghost of the second chocolate bar is in there somewhere.) Thanks for the fantastic birthday gift! (don't worry - the ghost of my birthday is in there somewhere too! ;) ) It took me an hour to decide which lip gloss I was going to open first. I went for the one that said "ohne zu verkleben". According to Google that means that it's not sticky. Which is not true. But lip gloss packages always say that. And they're always wrong. The other Labellos are getting stashed, untested and in the package, until I need them. (It won't be long. The two lip balms I keep on my desk at work are starting to get low! I need to have at least two different lip options all the time. It's more fun that way.)

I love getting mail!

I love lip gloss!

I love grapefruit Mentos!

And I love stuff in packaging covered with foreign words I don't understand!

Thanks for knowing what I'd like. :)

I finally remembered to bring my plant in to work. I bought this plant way back in October or November specifically to put on my desk in our new building. But they banned all plants in the new building because people were overwatering them and the resulting mold was giving other people allergies. They finally lifted the plant ban a few weeks ago. I'm not worried about mold. I only water this thing when I remember to (like every 6 to 8 weeks) and it's doing really well. We have an understanding.

Oh, today it was official. I've lost 50 pounds. They gave me a magnet and everything, so it must be a pretty big deal.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1st already!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm turing into one of those people I used to hate at work. They'd call me up and say "It doesn't work!" I'd ask "What doesn't work? What isn't it doing? Can you turn it on?" and they'd reply with another "It doesn't work!" I called my dad the other night and said "I need help! My bathtub doesn't work!" Well, with his expert over-the-phone diagnosis and instruction, two trips to Menards, and a 20 minute screwdriver search, Spike and I got the water going again! Thanks Dad!

Yay! Water! and a shiny new knob!

I finally went to the real yarn store this week. It's a cool place, but I wanted to spend a ton of money there. They had the 40" #1 circulars I've been wanting though (which probably means absolutely nothing to most of you...) So I had to start on these - red socks! (They don't look so funky in real life, I promise!)

I turn my back for one second and this is what I get.
Hey - those are my fries!

He doesn't even look guilty, does he? At least he didn't go for my beer.