Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1st already!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm turing into one of those people I used to hate at work. They'd call me up and say "It doesn't work!" I'd ask "What doesn't work? What isn't it doing? Can you turn it on?" and they'd reply with another "It doesn't work!" I called my dad the other night and said "I need help! My bathtub doesn't work!" Well, with his expert over-the-phone diagnosis and instruction, two trips to Menards, and a 20 minute screwdriver search, Spike and I got the water going again! Thanks Dad!

Yay! Water! and a shiny new knob!

I finally went to the real yarn store this week. It's a cool place, but I wanted to spend a ton of money there. They had the 40" #1 circulars I've been wanting though (which probably means absolutely nothing to most of you...) So I had to start on these - red socks! (They don't look so funky in real life, I promise!)

I turn my back for one second and this is what I get.
Hey - those are my fries!

He doesn't even look guilty, does he? At least he didn't go for my beer.

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TLC said...

Is that Elvis up on your fridge in the background? LOL!