Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So did anyone notice...

That I didn't actually do a spell check yesterday? (ha! too late - I already fixed it! lol)

Also that I seemed to have messed up something here and now my blog displays funny with the left column way down on the bottom? And I don't know why. :P

Does anyone read this anyway? I'm curious. Because if no one else reads this I'm going to start using it to record stuff I want to keep in my calendar but I don't have room for. Like the fact that today is the 7th day in a row that I remembered to take my vitamin! yay me!

Part of my job lately at work has been to test some software. The program is Rational ClearQuest, which, if I understand it right, is a part of a larger suite of products sold by IBM. One of the problems I found in the program was that the Help button/menu doesn't work. You click on it and you get an error message. That's it - no help. I asked if someone could fix it and the programmer told me "There is no help with this program. That's the way the Rational people designed it." uh huh. Then why is there a button on the toolbar that says "Help" on it? I'm so not buying this.


Erin said...

I read it. Ha! Yours is one of three that I read besides my own.

Anonymous said...

I try and read it at least once a week when I can. Just have not had chance to leave a toasty southern comment yet... DLM