Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I had mail today...

...and it wasn't bills!

That's 2 chocolate bars, 2 of my favorite kind of soap, 5 lipbalm/glosses, and 9 (9!) rolls of grapefruit mentos. (yes, there were two chocolate bars in the box and there's only one in the picture. but the ghost of the second chocolate bar is in there somewhere.) Thanks for the fantastic birthday gift! (don't worry - the ghost of my birthday is in there somewhere too! ;) ) It took me an hour to decide which lip gloss I was going to open first. I went for the one that said "ohne zu verkleben". According to Google that means that it's not sticky. Which is not true. But lip gloss packages always say that. And they're always wrong. The other Labellos are getting stashed, untested and in the package, until I need them. (It won't be long. The two lip balms I keep on my desk at work are starting to get low! I need to have at least two different lip options all the time. It's more fun that way.)

I love getting mail!

I love lip gloss!

I love grapefruit Mentos!

And I love stuff in packaging covered with foreign words I don't understand!

Thanks for knowing what I'd like. :)

I finally remembered to bring my plant in to work. I bought this plant way back in October or November specifically to put on my desk in our new building. But they banned all plants in the new building because people were overwatering them and the resulting mold was giving other people allergies. They finally lifted the plant ban a few weeks ago. I'm not worried about mold. I only water this thing when I remember to (like every 6 to 8 weeks) and it's doing really well. We have an understanding.

Oh, today it was official. I've lost 50 pounds. They gave me a magnet and everything, so it must be a pretty big deal.

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