Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why yes, that is Elvis

You've got some sharp eyes, OPRTLC! (I have to keep calling you that. ;)

That is Elvis on my fridge. That's one of my favorite Elvises actually. My favorite Elvis t-shirt has the exact same photo on it. It's from the 1968 Comeback Special (it was broadcast live on my birthday eight years before I was born!).

The magnet was a gift, brought back from Los Vegas by one of the guys from BB. It may or may not have been meant as kind of an apology. I was wearing the matching t-shirt the night he night he may or may not have done something he may or may not have felt he had to apologize for. He also did plastic dinosaur theater for me one night at work when I was having a really horrible day.

The t-shirt I got in the gift shop at the
Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee, on spring break in 1993. It was on sale. (I definitely did not buy the souvenir Conway Twitty decorative plate in the gift shop down the road. It was brown with a cheesy "There's no one like Mother!" type quote in pink lettering and had a large picture of Conway Twitty in the middle. I'm not kidding. (Yes, sometimes I wish I could purge all this crap from my head and use the space for more important information. I'd like to remember that garbage pick up is Tuesday mornings.))

The picture it's holding up is a cat food ad I thought was funny. It's a kitten attacking a zebra. I like to think that's what Spike spends his day dreaming about. Think big, Spike, think big!

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TLC said...

Yeah, but it's OPMTLC now though. LOL!