Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free Caribou Cooler day! and knitting update

I walked down to get my free coffee drink with some of the ladies from work. (I nearly called them "the girls from work", but earlier they were talking about being treated like an adult at work so it that just didn't seem like a good idea.)

The long line...

The coffee drink didn't last too long. Yum!
That's 4 repeats of the Print O' the Wave stole too. I didn't even bother with a second swatch. I'm going with the Size 3 needles - if it turns out too holey I'm just going to tell everyone that was what I wanted. I'm really not in the mood to work with anything smaller.

Some very strange looking clouds.

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Anonymous said...

I took a picture of those same clouds (from Minneapolis) while out getting my free Caribou cooler! I didn't do any knitting thoug.