Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finally - something good in the mail!

I love getting mail, but I've only been checking my mailbox once or twice a week lately. I rarely get good mail. 80% of it is ads I don't want, 15% of it is bills and the other 5% is ads with coupons. So I was really happy to get the escrow statement from my mortgage company yesterday. I've lived here for 5 years, and in those five years my monthly mortgage payment has gone up $200 a month just because of property taxes. yes, $200 a month! So I was really pleased a few months ago when I got the property tax statement thing in the mail and it showed mine were going to go down a little this year. According to the escrow statement I got yesterday, my mortgage payment will be $40 less each month. I have a rather tight budget, so $40 a month is pretty darn exciting.

Then I flipped to the second page and found a check for $265. That totally made my day. (I just wish I got surprise checks in the mail more often. Although I'd be smart enough to not cash a check for $2.5 million without calling someone to ask why they were sending me that much money. unlike some people who have received surprise checks in the mail lately.)

So... what should I spend it on? This is going to be tough. It should probably go into my savings account or to pay off my credit card, but I could buy one of these. or maybe this (but not unless the price comes back down to $199!). hmmm... decisions, decisions.

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