Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm actually in a good mood today despite the fact that I have absolutely no money.

Good things:

  • it's Friday!
  • I have fancy new drawers in my cupboards! My dad made them for me and they're beautiful - the corners are perfect. My parents came over last night and installed them. I played with them while I waited for my coffee to finish this morning (pull a shelf out, move the toaster to the other side of the shelf, push shelf back in, stand there and look at it for a minute, pull it out, move toaster back to original position, put drawer back in. And then I had to think about it for while. Toaster positioning is very important.) Pictures to come later tonight!
  • I was told unofficially that the paperwork for my raise has been completed up in HR. I've made the trip all the way down to the other end of the building to check my mailbox three times today just to look for the official letter detailing when it goes into effect. This is a big deal - we're talking about a raise of $3 an hour! I have so many plans for this money it's not even funny.
  • I finally came up with an idea for an awesome gift for someone. (actually, it will work for a bunch of someones if the first one turns out well!) I just have to either create or heavily modify a pattern and get started. I have to say, I like knitting and crocheting much better now that I understand how to modify existing patterns and come up with my own. I think the planning is the most fun part of the whole process! I'm going to complete another gift for someone else this weekend and so far I'm really pleased with how it looks. It's always so nice when things turn out better than you expected! (yes, everyone's getting knit birthday presents this year. See line 1 of this post re: no money.)
  • Tomorrow's Saturday, so I get to sleep in with a fluffy butt on my face (the butt belongs to Spike, and it's much pleasenter than it sounds. (is that even a word? hmmm... )). After we get up, we'll spend the rest of the morning watching cartoons, drinking an obscene amount of coffee (with lots of milk and sugar!), reading stupid crap online and snuggling. Spike is particularly snuggly on weekend mornings between 9 AM and noon. I like to think it's because he really appreciates snuggling with me, but he probably gets all snuggly by himself under the bed every day between 9 and noon without me anyway.

I might have to break out one of the old beers I keep in the fridge to celebrate my good mood tonight. These are very special beers, by the way. For one thing, the expiration date on them is in 1997. I've been saving them for someone really stupid, really brave or really desperate for beer. That may just be me tonight!

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