Thursday, July 06, 2006

I love the subject lines of spam email. I used to just delete everything in there without looking at them, but then I realized how fun they can be to read.

Today's favorite: Dear client. Surely you only dream of it

I didn't open the email to discover what exactly I'm surely dreaming of, but I'm pretty sure they're trying to sell me stuff I don't need for body parts I don't have. you know.

(FYI - I get spam in my account but I've never gotten a spam email in my gmail account!)

I have been dreaming of birds lately. For a while I was seeing birds everywhere. Big birds too, not just the small chirpy things that come to my feeder to entertain Spike - herons, eagles, hawks, even Mallard ducks on my lawn once. Then they all moved to my dreams. Every night features a different bird. I should find a dream dictionary and see what they mean. They just seem kinda symbolic.

I just ordered a bunch of printed photos on the Walmart website. I don't really like going to Walmart, but I love being able to do the one-hour online photo printing. Can anyone recommend a cheap place where I can print photos? They don't need to be one-hour, but I want to be able to:

  1. send them in online
  2. pick them up in a store the same day
  3. pay less than 20 cents per print.
I dropped film off at a small photo printing place near my house a couple years ago. When I got my prints they were inside two envelopes - I think they took my film to Sam's Club for one hour developing and then just dropped the Sam's Club envelope inside their own envelope. I was kind of annoyed - the Sam's Club envelope had a price printed on it and everything. I could have taken my pictures there myself and paid less!

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TLC said...

Yeah, print them yourself. ;)