Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm overwhelmed all of a sudden. I had a meeting this morning where it was me vs. 13 other people. Ok, really it wasn't like that, but it sure felt that way. I asked if we could fix the help feature - when you click on "Help" you get a message saying something about not connecting to a database. I asked 1) do we have any help information? 2) can we either move the files to where the program is looking for them OR change the program so it looks for the help files where they are? I had 10 people tell me "That's just how it works! We can't change it." and one person saying "I want to know this too!" and two people who just looked completely confused.

Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall for a minute.

And then I was going to look for three-column blog templates so I can make this thing do what I want it to do and instead I ended up wanting Firefox and wanting to completely make up my own template and figure out what that del.ici.ous thing is (I probably didn't even get those periods right!) and it's all too much stuff.

So I'm just going to post pictures instead.

It's not actually crashing. It just looks like it.

Garlic cheeseburger!

Secret spy pic of a strange looking woman. look closely - she's got two faces! so she looks strange in real life and in pictures! cool! Nice shot, Scott! Although, it kind of looks like she was turning to look at the camera. I sure hope she didn't notice that we were taking her picture!

The gnome at night.
Re: Garden Gnomes
I've turned into a garden gnome pimp or something. I told the women I work with that I bought a little garden gnome rain gauge at Target. They both said that they hadn't seen those at their Targets in the dollar section. I enthused "They're really cute! and only a dollar!" They both whipped out cash and asked if I'd pick up rain gauges for them. Of course I said "Sure! I'm always at Target!" This sucks because I was planning on not going to Target this week at all. I usually go to Target at least 3 times a week (sad, I know) and I always end up spending money when I go. I can walk in thinking I'm only going to buy milk and bread and ice cream (it's a staple at my house. Spike loves it. (yeah, I know, pathetic attempt to justify buy/eating ice cream. but it's true!)) and I walk out with ice cream, pink barrettes, a brown "Rock 'n Roll will never die!" t-shirt with a skull printed on it, and a garden gnome rain gauge. The next morning when I'm fixing my coffee and there's no milk I realize - crud, I have to go to Target again! And then, secretly, part of me jumps up and down, squealing with glee. I get to go to Target again!

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