Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Red Letter Day at Work

Today has been a good day at work. I finally risked going to the movie at the Science Museum at lunch time. Los of underwater swimming with the fishes type shots. I kept my eyes open through almost the whole thing and there was a lot of shark video too! The only things I really couldn't handle were the shots from the flying helicopter (:P) and this part where you were under water underneath this really gross looking dead whale with all kinds of happy hungry sharks. I felt like I was being squashed by a dead whale. and that's just not a pleasant feeling. (and don't worry - the movie's only 45 minutes long, so it's lunch time friendly!)

But the best thing about work today - I got a new chair! It's got everything - I can make the seat higher and move the armrests up and down. It's awesome. I spent five minutes getting my chair all set up and then I had to spend five minutes making all the worktops in my cube five inches higher. and then I spent 5 minutes spinning in circles in my fancy new chair. I don't know if you understand how cool this actually is. This has totally made my day!

I'm feeling lucky so maybe today will be the day I find the belt I'm looking for at Kohl's. It's shiny/reflective and green and it has the silhouette of guys with guitars on it. I guess every one else thinks it's cool too since I've been to two different stores and I only found size small green rock star belts. I'm going to try a third store tonight. I have to have one!

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