Sunday, March 05, 2006

Jumping on the bandwagon

Everyone else did a Clapotis a long time ago, so I'm really behind. but I still did it.

The pic's a bit washed out, but you get the idea.

Unfortunately it's too short - I'm going to have to rip out the end and make it at least a foot longer. It was a really fast knit though - just under two weeks - so it shouldn't take too long to extend it. I'm going to put it off for a little bit though because I was starting to feel that ominous twinge in my wrist. I haven't had any RSI problems for a long time and I really really don't want to start again! I'm going to crochet for a bit for a change.

The start of Short and Sweet from The Happy Hooker.

I'm anticipating some guage/sizing issues. (According to thier sizes I'm a large. I'm never a large so I'm highly suspicious right from the start.) Also, it's supposed to be a rather short bolero type thing and I think I'm going to add a few pattern repeats to make it longer.

Just for you, Mom - a weather report:

There was no snow when I went to bed last night. When I woke up it was like this. It looks cold out. (That's about the extent of my meteorlogical knowledge. (did I even spell that right? :) ))

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Vivian said...

Thanks for the weather report but I sure don't like it! Hope it is all melted before I get home.