Monday, March 13, 2006

I should have stayed home today

The weather people were all predicting a lot of snow last night. I didn't think much of their warnings - I mean, this is Minnesota, we're used to it. We get out and drive in just about anything. well. I should have stayed home today.

This is the best picture I could get. It's from a traffic cam. That's the building I work in on the left! (exciting, huh?)

The drive in wasn't too bad. I never went more than 30 miles an hour, but at least I was moving. (Thinking about it now, I've realized traffic wasn't bad because everyone with half a brain used today's weather as an excuse to stay home and build a snowman or something) I was the first person in my department to get to work, which is pretty amazing since some of them get here before seven in the morning and I never ever get here early. (never!) As the morning went on, more and more people called in to say they weren't coming. Meetings were canceled and the big java programming class that was supposed to be held in the conference room right behind me was postponed (and I was so looking forward to eavesdropping on that too! I end up listening to every meeting and presentation they have in that conference room and I was so excited that they were finally going to talk about something I actually want to hear!).

I spent the morning trying not to think about yarn (because I'm supposed to be working, you know). I finally decided to run out at lunch and buy some so I could quit thinking about it. I checked traffic from the window and the highway didn't look bad at all, so all systems were go.


I could barely get out of the parking ramp because the street hadn't been plowed and there was a foot high pile of snow I had to drive through. None of the city streets had been plowed recently - there were no visible lanes or even tracks where other people had gone. None of the stoplights had power. I gave up and turned around to come back. I just hope that things are better in a couple of hours when I go home. Especially since I'm going to be sitting here thinking about yarn all afternoon now too.

Except now I'm distracted by something else. I have wanted one of these for a while now. It's tiny and cute and blue and I can carry my music everywhere with me! It's just what I need! I told myself that I'd wait and see what my money situation was like in a few weeks. I thought that this would be a good reward for loosing 50 pounds. I just noticed that the price on this has dropped again. The price has now dropped $50 from when I first decided I wanted one of these things. This is way too amazing to be just a coincidence. It's a sign! *sigh* be still my credit card...

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