Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Missing BB

I've been talking to some of the people I used to work with at BB lately and it's made me really miss them. Actually, I miss almost everything about working there. It was fun. I don't mind my job now and the people I work with are really nice, but I can only talk about coupons for so long. (I was told today that I'm a bad influence because I convinced someone to try the high-quality, $2 / portion, frozen salmon instead of the $1.50 / portion, bad-tasting stuff she's been buying. I apologized even though she said the expensive stuff tastes much better.) I miss walking through the warehouse saying hi to everyone - knowing everyone. I miss the women gossiping in the bathroom ("foreign language foreign language SLUT foreign language"). I miss being there alone after they locked up - it felt like a secret. I miss the maintenance guys: one who thought he knew everything, one who was almost a real-life Ned Flanders, one who often greeted me with "Hey darlin'!", and the one who jumped my car for me when I left the lights on (twice!). I miss the secretary who downloaded every "free" thing she could find on the Internet and then couldn't understand why her computer got so messed up we had to send the hard drive out to be recovered. I miss safety awards. I miss the little Hispanic guy who would say to me every Friday night "Your cheeks are like apples - I want to bite them!" in Spanish. I miss the creepy guy who knew the dirt on everyone even though no one really liked him or talked to him. I miss the people who would forget their passwords. I miss the supervisor who always said "Beth, partner... " when he had a problem. I miss sleeping 'til noon. I miss TonyD. I miss sitting around in offices, chatting. I miss going out for beer after work and then sitting in the car 'til 4 in the morning playing with the radio and laughing about stupid things. I miss calling Darla at the middle of the night with problems. I miss the guy who surprised me with plastic dinosaur theater just to cheer me up. I miss my Elvis doll. I miss the rumors (How could I be a lesbian and sleeping with one of the male supervisors at the same time? I had it on good authority that they were both true.)

I miss the guys in my department who didn't seem to mind listening to me talk and talk and talk. I miss talking about bands and hearing their secrets and making fake Internet personal ads with them. I even miss the beard. I miss all my goofy, goofy friends from there too. I miss work husbands and furby bowling and Red Lobster. I miss some of the nicest people I have ever met.

I miss who I was there too. I was needed to fix problems. I got along with everyone. I was nice and smart and funny and fun to be with. I feel like that's all gone and I miss it.

But I still have the ICQC calendar. and it still makes me laugh. Check it out:


Anonymous said...

i miss the hijinks. i miss the smell of the lunch room(s). i miss the randomizer mat. i miss reloading the UPC printers. i miss the 500 pallets of charlie's angels DVDs. i also miss the 498 pallets of charlies angel's dvd returns. i miss walking from the LAST parking spot on the side of the warehouse. i miss the dust. i miss the discount. i miss varying off all the displays. i miss all the crazy people.

Beth said...

I miss the smokers setting the lunchroom on fire.

and I miss YOU! ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss the singing janitor everyday @ 4 and 7--My name is Ron and I like to get it on and I really know how to do it, sometimes I like it nice, sometimes I like it twice, and I really know how to do it. Who, yeah, here it is. I ride my bike and it ain't no...K, I actually wrote it down, that's how I remember so much of the song. Anyway, I miss the talking of food. I miss messing around by playing minor pranks on Hanna and Mai and anyone else that would be there. I even miss the stalker like dude who would question so many things--so, you're in school, what ya going to school for? You live with your dad, you must have lots of money? Etc. I was married, engaged, divorced, pregnant, etc--according to some of them, I had more of a life than what I actually had.

I am thankful to have met you Beth. You are one of my favorites, and to this day you bring me smiles and giggles. You are sooo needed as a friend, and I'm grateful for the times we've spent at work, outside work, in emails, and in phone calls. Thank you Beth, you truly do rock!


T$ said...


The good ole times.....