Sunday, June 18, 2006

You know Sven Sundgaard, the weekend weather guy on channel 11? I'm not exactly sure what it is about him - his size? tiny! his enthusiasm? huge and infectious! his youthful looks? he'd pass for a teenager! - but he's just so darn cute. (I know grown men don't appreciate being called cute, especially when it's puppy cute and not, say, Brad Pitt cute. But he is cute. My mom thinks so too.) Well, Sven has his own blog. An extremely cute blog. He posts pictures of his pet goat, talks about his grandma and shares his grocery lists with us (he likes blueberry waffles and salsa!). He even uses multiple punctuation marks - how cute is that?!? Go check it out. It made my morning.

I'm thinking about sending Sven some fan mail. (you know I would, too! ;)

For all you garden gnome fans -

The rain gauge in action. See that little half inch of rain there at the bottom?

You guys know I like coupons, right? I had two B&N membership coupons to use today - a free Frappachino drink and an extra 15% off any item in the store. I love those frappachino things - and it was free! (and it lasted about 30 seconds after I took that picture. and it was good.) I used the 15% off coupon on a British music magazine. I used to love reading these things back when I had money. This one had one of my favorite bands on the cover (Oasis) and the free cd included the band Travis (also one of my old favorites) covering Hit Me Baby One More Time, which I've been trying to get on cd for a long time. People kept telling me that they'd make me a copy of it and then they'd never do it. grrrr. so I got it today - cheap!

This just happens to be free coffee week. I had the free drink coupon I used today and I got a flyer in the mail on Thursday that included an any drink/any size coupon at Caribou. They're passing out free cooler drinks on June 21st 2 - 3 pm too! I know a couple of you will be interested in that! I'll see you there. ;)

Cats can be supermodels, too.

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