Thursday, June 08, 2006

I could write all kinds of interesting and funny stories to put up on my blog. They'd be so fantastic, I swear. I have whole folders of them hidden on my hard drive and I have about 50 more running through my head at any given time. (I can be interesting and funny. Other people have told me I am. Just so you know I'm not making this stuff up.)

I can't actually post any of them here though because the chance that you, yes, YOU, dear reader would be featured in a story in a possibly unflattering light at some point is pretty high.

Then you'd be all mad at me and would never ever come back. Or even email me. And while I love my daily enlightening and entertaining conversation with Spike, sometimes even crazy-cat-ladies-in-training like me need to communicate with other human people. Just don't tell Spike that.

I could tell you stories about me, but all the most entertaining ones are about how stupid I am sometimes. And I already worry that you all think I'm super stupid all the time anyway, so why would I want to encourage that kind of thinking in all of you? (Yes, I have pictures of me being stupid even. And you're never, ever going to

Here's what's going to happen: You guys will get lots and lots of pictures of my cat and a knitting picture once in a while. I'll get the occasional email from you people and a daily discussion with Spike about why he can't have 5 packets of Whiskas' Choice Cuts (Turkey Giblets flavor) every night, even though he says it's the best cat food ever. (I can't really argue with him about that since I absolutely refuse to taste it. It smells horrible though. Especially when he's breathing on me three hours later in bed while he's attempting to find the most comfortable position for sleeping on my face.)

Does that work for you? Seriously, who doesn't want to look at pictures of someone else's cat online when they're bored at work? I know I do.

Most days I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy but there are times when I wonder if, just maybe, I am.

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