Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow report

This is for Todd inside at work, Doug down there in GA and my parents on vacation in FL!

I left work early today because this is what it's like outside!

I know - this isn't the best picture. But I had to shovel my driveway just to get my car in the garage so I'm not willing to go back out there and get a decent photo. so there. That white lump in the bottom right corner of the picture is a bench - the snow in the ground is almost high enough to cover the seat of the bench!

Spike and I are cold.

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Anonymous said...

I've got to shovel my patio. It's looking like I won't need to worry about missing explosive toning tonight. My sister laughed coz it's snow from this storm and last weekend's storm--ah, I like to make stuff more challenging sometimes. Maybe I'll take a pic tomorrow, it's not much compared to what others have been having to shovel--or maybe I won't shovel. I could put Josh, Tim, Dustin, or Kevin to work tomorrow--k, I wouldn't do that.