Thursday, September 04, 2008

RNC Excitement!

I know you've all been excitedly waiting for my photos and report of the RNC protesters. Well folks, things have been exciting here in Downtown St. Paul! Super exciting!!!

There have been marches in the afternoons every day so far this week and everyone here at work has run excitedly to the window to watch them go by. We've been told there will thousands of people marching by in protest - disgruntled poor people! Secret Service guys harassing anyone and everyone who didn't look like they belong in a Republican family values brochure! unwashed hippies assaulting the good citizens of St. Paul with their smell! herds of cops on horses and bikes in riot gear ready to take down anyone who looks like they'd never even consider wearing a tie or pearls! black-clad, bandana'd, feces-flinging anarchists! By all accounts this was shaping up to be a good show.

Tuesday's afternoon march was by the Somali Union. It consisted of about 20 people, half of whom were skinny blond white boys in tie-dye t-shirts. Hmm. I can only speculate that the overcast skies and occasional drizzle kept the masses away.

We didn't let Tuesday's disappointing protest affect our excitement on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day - sunny and mid-60's - perfect for an afternoon of marching, chanting, sign waving, mass chaos, etc by the Scholars for 911 Truth group. Halfway through the morning we spotted a bald eagle circling over the next block. It was a sign! A majestic symbol of American freedom and democracy! The 911 conspiracy theorists must have viewed this as a sign from God himself. Shortly after 1PM the cry went up - here they come! We all lined up at the window and saw... this.

(can't see the slideshow? see my blog)

I counted a total of 44 people plus one dad with a little boy on his shoulders who was running about a block behind everyone else (must have been delayed by a diaper change or something). We actually felt a little sorry for the protesters - all they could drum up was 45 people? (I don't know anyone young enough to still be in diapers who understands concepts like 'government' or 'conspiracy' so they don't count in my protester total.) I think there were more people waiting in line for The Daily Show tickets.

I will not let my disappointment in the previous protests dampen my enthusiasm for today's protest by Youth Against Racism & War. I'm guessing the younger they are, the less afraid of getting arrested they are - and the better our chances for seeing something good. This protest group might even make it worth my while to run downstairs and take pictures at street level!

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