Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This past year has gone really fast - and really slow all at the same time. My cousin and her boys have been here for a year (I'm not going to go into why here; I don't want to think about it right now). They're going back to Germany this weekend. My cousin moved to Germany when she was pregnant the first time and they've lived there ever since (I can't believe it's 7 years! Trevor will be 7 in two months!). I've only really seen her kids when they have been here for a visit or when I have been there for a visit, which probably works out to about once a year. So I feel very lucky to have gotten to spend a whole year with them. But now I don't know what I'm going to do without them! No one else gets all excited to see me or wants to sit next to me or hold my hand or play Indiana Jones with me. To fill that gap I will be taking applications for new members of my fan club, if any one's interested. ;)

At least Trevor learned how to read this year at school (1st grade) so I can send him emails about Indy and Lego Indy. I tend to get a little obsessed with stuff and it's been nice to have someone else to talk to who is obsessed with the same thing. Trevor is also really into Star Wars so I told him that Indiana Jones and Han Solo are played by the same guy. He seemed pretty surprised by this. Then he asked "How did you know that?" He seemed to really like the idea that there is a link between Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Last weekend we played with his action figures. Our team of good guys consisted of Indiana Jones, Desert Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Marion, Young Indy (played by an army guy - "he's like Young Indy because he doesn't have a gun or a whip and he's wearing green") and Young Indy's boyscout friend (played by a small figure of Diego from Dora the Explorer). I wasn't quite sure what our good guys were trying to do, but I think we were trying to destroy the Death Star.

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Erin said...

You're in luck! Tucker has recently developed a love for BOTH Star Wars and In-A-Minute (Indiana to most of us) Jones. Where should he apply?