Thursday, June 05, 2008


I'll get the toolbox!

This is why I call him Snugglebutt.

Trevor and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Unfortunately we picked an afternoon with storms - in the middle of the movie we had to spent 45 minutes sitting in the hallway under the stadium seating waiting for a tornado to pass! (but we still think Indy still rocks! I don't know what I'm going to do when Trevor goes back home - who's going to be Indy-obsessed with me? I'll have to find a new best friend.)

We have been having too much weather lately. This is lightening from the first of today's storms. I really love having a window cube at work. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the pics.

Watching movies as a storm goes on is normally a good thing, but you're right it would suck if you have sit in the hallway and miss the movie. Ah, it just means you have to go again. I wonder, do they give you free comp passes if that happens?

Anonymous said...

You have some really cool new pictures here Miss Beth. I stil need to try for some lighting snaps and you have already beat me to it. I still need to do Indy but with a lame movie house here in Dub we really do not see too many flicks these days. It's cool to see how big Trevor has gotten it only seems a short time ago when you were posting infant pics of him. Well take care snd stay safe from the storms, actually you could send them down here since we are already in drought mode here in the south. Best wish's DLM