Saturday, March 15, 2008

You'd never guess where I am tonight!

I am in fabulous Branson, Missouri. Yes, I'm at a vacation destination known for it's shows featuring patriotic music, hillbilly humor and country music stars from the 70's. This isn't where I'd choose to vacation, but my parents offered to take me with them and things have been so horrible lately (ok, like in the last 6+ months - but hey, I'm on drugs so at any time now things should be looking better, right? Right? I'm well into my second year of these and things are only marginally better. But I guess that's better than nothing. and I'd hate so see what I would be like now with nothing. this is all probably tmi - sorry. but you know I'm good at that. ha!) that I would pretty much jump at the chance to go anywhere right now just to get away. And at least the weather is warmer here - no snow either!

I saw a show featuring1950's music tonight. It was a pretty good show and I took pictures like I always do. But I can't show them to you because the hotel we're at has their wifi all nice and secured with WPA. Which makes it pretty hard for people without a password to connect to their network. The guys behind the desk tell me that I don't actually need a password, I can just hit enter and their network will let me connect. Except that it doesn't - it just tells me I need a password to connect. (This is totally beside the fact that there really isn't much point in securing a network and then not actually having a password. but whatever. This obviously isn't their forte.)

So this is a pretty pointless blog without bad pictures of an Elvis tribute artist (not impersonator!) on stage. but I don't care! so there!

And I'm kind of thinking I should tell my parents to go on their drive without me tomorrow. For one thing, just driving around in the mountains doesn't excite me. And then there's that small issue of me getting car sick almost every time I get in a car. Pointlessly wandering around in the mountains is not car sick compatible. (I could always take some motion sickness pills, but then instead of feeling like shit I'd just be asleep. :P) And I have to admit that I want to stay here at the hotel with my computer so I can watch Andy Roddick play at Indian Wells. I'm still obsessed with this whole tennis thing and I know it's not normal but I can't help it. Andy's been doing so well the last few weeks. He's been awesome and I really hope he can keep kicking butt this week. That would be so much fun. :)

Of course, for me to be able to watch Andy play on my computer I need to have a wifi connection. Which I don't have at the hotel. Do you think they'd mind if I just camped out on the computer in the lobby for the whole match? Or they could just un-secure their wifi. In fact I could even do that for them, I can see their computer in the lobby if I lean over the front desk far enough... hmmm... (sometimes it is hard knowing all this stuff like I do. ;)


Robyn said...

I've been on that wandering drive through the Ozark's with my parents. It was years ago, but it still made me sick as a dog!

JP said...

You're nuts. But that's ok.

Anonymous said...

I get car sick too--yikes.

Elvis songs can make things better sometimes, especially at MOA where this a place for fun in your life and goofy short Elvis's :)

Miss ya!