Sunday, January 06, 2008

New laptop! Spike has issues.

As most of you know, I got a new laptop a few weeks ago. I'm loving it! My old computer is about 4.5 years old, which you all know is ancient. lol This is so much nicer. This time I got all the extra stuff I wanted instead of just getting enough to get by. I even got it in a pretty metallic blue color. :)

I also finally got DSL and set up wifi. I love being able to tote it with me from chair to chair. I've even been using it in bed. Ok, not just using it in bed, but taking it to bed with me and sleeping with it under the comforter and everything so I have it right there in the morning. lol

Spike is having a few issues with the laptop. The laptop keeps getting in his way, even when we're snuggled up in bed at 3 AM.(I think taking it to bed with me was the final straw!) He's finally come up with a good solution. There's no way I can ignore him now... Every time I'm away from the computer for more than 5 seconds this is what I find when I return!


JP said...

That is so cute!!

Aside from a side effect of cat envy, is the laptop all that you expected? And did you go Vista?

(and yes, I still owe you an email... it's called I have worked 12 days straight and am still not done with a project at work.)

Patrick said...

Cats are just the cutest, and Spike seems to be even cuter than most!

Hi Beth, hope you're well. You sounded very cheery in your most recent email. And very, very funny (as usual!). One thing you did fail on though and that is that I'm still waiting for you to send me the first email where you don't sound crazy! Lol!

Hope you're having a good New Year so far and, when the studying dies down a little, I'll try to send you one of my boring emails ;-)

Take care