Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am finally getting around to putting up a few pics from July.

Sam at Ikea

Waiting for 4th of July fireworks at Pioneer Park in Stillwater

Breakfast at Ikea


Anonymous said...

Did you really take that milage picture while going 35 mph at night? (Looks like your brights were on). Talk about multitasking!

Beth said...

It was about 5:30 at night - so not in the dark! I've never understood why the Saturn people made the headlight indicators work this way. That little headlight symbol means that the daytime running lights (or whatever they're called) are on, not the headlights you use at night. When the headlights are on that little headlight indicator turns off - and there is no idicator showing you your headlights are on (I guess they think you'll know the headlights are on because you'll be able to see the road ahead of you - ?). And when you turn on the bright headlights a differant headlight indicator lights up. Makes no sense.