Friday, May 18, 2007

Can you tell I have no one to talk to here at work?

So this blog post # 324 today or something.

OMG Did you guys see The Office last night? Did you see who got the job at the end there? lol And also ER - Ray! oh no! (I hope this doesn't mean they're writing him out of the show. I like him. and I like Neela. and it's not Neela's fault! so there.)

And because you guys know I like free stuff and food and, especially, free food:
Free Caribou Cooler day is June 21st 2 - 3. (you don't need to bring a coupon - they'll give you one when you get there. and you may want to get there a few minutes before 2 - the line was super long last year!)

crud. Someone just dropped off another an updated draft of a 45 page document. It's 2:15 on a Friday afternoon and she wants to meet Monday at 9 to review it. I think I'm going to be bringing my red pen home with me. I snapped the little clip thing off of my red pen in a meeting today. It was really loud. I never really noticed this before, but I must do it all the time - look what I found in my drawer.


T$ said...

I think you have a "I like pulling off pen clips" fetish going on....

Anonymous said...

I noticed recently that most of my pens at home are actually work pens--oop-e. Someday I'll return em and they won't need to reorder for like a year or so.