Monday, August 21, 2006


You guys may have noticed some changes here - I switched to the new Blogger Beta. (Question: why is it "Blogger Beta" but "Picasa Web Albums Test"?) I think I was in one of the first - if not the first - groups of people invited to switch. I think Google's realized I'm one of those people who will jump on anything they send out right away. lol

Anyway - They finally let us add labels (or tags) on posts. Those are the words lists under each post. I added a list of them on the sidebar so you can find things. So if you're looking for the stuff I posted about my July 4th visit with my cousins, click on the Family link. It will only show you posts about my family. Try it and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

Behind the scenes they've made it a little easier to customize your blog template without knowing any html. I have no problem playing with the html, but I'm lazy. I have to admit I like the drag and drop/fill in the blanks things. And they made the spell check just like the one gmail uses! I've been hoping they'd do that!!!

A couple of things I don't like:

  • No three column templates! I want to have a three column template!
  • They won't let me edit the html. There are a few things I want to clean up or change in the template and I can't. Also, if I could edit the html I could get that three column template I want. (I have one all ready to go. I just never got around to publishing it. and now I can't.) They do say that they'll let us edit the html soon though.
  • I think in the old version of this blog that if you clicked on the Spike and I title in the top left corner of the page it would take you back to There's no way that I can see now to get back to the "home" blog page. This is really annoying if you click on one of the label/tag links and then want to go back. And I haven't found a way to make that title a link since I can't use html.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think. Especially let me know if anything is confusing or hard to use! (I am a Technical Communication Specialist, you know - I should be able to design a user-friendly blog. (I just got a new job title at work. I love it. It makes me feel important. ;) ))

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